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February 5th, 2002

January 8th, 2002
Sushi Performance and Visual Art presents Carla Kirkwood's "Half the Sky"

Excerpts from Articles
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"Women's Bodies - the Naked Truth"
Redbook Magazine, May 2001

"If a woman finds her body unacceptable, her dis-ease compromises her immune system and can lead to disease" says La Jolla psychotherapist Cathy Conheim...
San Diego Magazine, March 2001

"Body Image Inspirations"
Mode Magazine, March 2001

"For the moment the Bubbleman, a female boxer, a recovering alcoholic and others shone in our pages. Here are updates on ther remarkable lives..."
LA Times, January 2001

"Getting Real - Hoping to make women feel comfortable with their bodies, three friends rely on tiny casts of characters..."
People Magazine, December 2000

"The Real Body Beautiful"
Health Journal, October 2000

"Imagine...Two women doctors and a woman therapist sitting at dinner...(No, this is not the beginning of some crude joke)."
Evolving Woman Magazine, August 2000

"It's certainly not breaking news that a lot of women carry more than a towel, Walkman and cross-trainers to the gym..."
LA Times, July 2000

"With a new millenium upon us, can you abandon the goals of working out primarly for a firmer butt, flatter abs or thinner thighs..." Barbara Harris, Editor's Letter
Shape Magazine, May 2000

"I thought, WOW! That's how I look and it's wonderful" Tabor Knight, 62 "Even women who are very thin canhave insecurities about their bodies," says Kathy Shallow, 39...
San Diego Union Tribune, April 2000

"At The Well - In the United States today, nine out of ten girls have a Barbie doll that models a figure unattainable in real life..."
The Other Side, January 2000

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