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There is excellent research to support the power of music for healing and the power of guided imagery and affirmation to change internal dialogue. The RWP wishes to conduct on-going applied research regarding the impact of affirming music and the translation of the workshop experience into committed actions regarding healing and well being. Please send us your feedback and comments on how these stories and music have impacted you.

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Real Women's stories recounting their experiences and struggles surrounding the issue of body image have been collected via the Internet, in person and in group experiences. Two CD's are available in which renowned storyteller Alyce Smith-Cooper movingly narrates some of these stories.
Women are encouraged to share their stories with each other and with the Real Women Project. These stories are used in workshops to serve as springboards for discussion and to encourage women to start sharing their own story. Each story is looked at for what supports health and healing, and what contributes to toxicity.
The Millennium Calendar was a celebration of the diversity and beauty of women. It features striking photographs of the Real Women sculptures series and a corresponding poem for each woman and each month of the Year 2000. Each month is framable!

Samples from Real Stories
Narrated by Alyce Smith Cooper
  • Untitled
  • The Sabbath Meal
  • Finally, I Gave Up
  • I Am Learning
  • The Girdle

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Time For Us Now
An uplifting and soul-stirring collection of 13 songs that celebrate and affirm women's wholeness and authentic beauty. This music makes the heart sing with its compelling lyrics, beautiful harmonies, driving beats, and multi-layered arrangements. Performed by Robin Adler, Gayle St. Gregory and Tina Wilson and produced by Dave Blackburn.

On Righteous Ride Records
Robin Adler, Gayle St. Gregory, and Tina Wilson

Real Women: Real Beauty
A 4-song CD that was written, composed, produced and performed by renowned singer, songwriter Deborah Liv Johnson

To purchase this and other wonderful CDs by Deborah Liv Johnson, visit her Web site.

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