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Juliana at 27 with Iris Roxana at 2

Iris Roxana relaxes 
in the pillow world 
of her mother's middle, 
in this pillow world 
that ripples and breathes. 

Beat by beat 
the young drum 
of Iris Roxana's heart 
follows her mother's lead, 
as she studies the fine art of love. 
Juliana, her mother, 
lives in two worlds. 
In the world of weapons and fear 
she stands still and strong, 
poised to protect. 
In the world of pillows and song, 
her belly and breasts 
make the whole world 
seem warm and safe.

Though in time truth will intrude
on their magical world,
love will still
reverberate here:
stronger and sweeter 
than fear.

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