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The Real Women Sculptures are a limited edition of thirteen bronzes created in the lost wax process. They were commissioned to provide real evidence of the real bodies of women in contrast to the illusion of Barbie. They are the same size as the popular doll. The limited edition sells for $50,000. The hope of the founders of the Real Women Project is that these sets of bronzes will be used by teaching and healthcare organizations to focus and facilitate experiential learning regarding body image and self-esteem.


The Complete Group of 13 Sculptures
Click on any sculpture to read the corresponding poem
(Sculptures are approximately 10" in height)
Karen at 35
Chris at 66
Juliana at 27 w/ Roxana at 2
Wendy at 45
Lily at 14
Tabor at 59
Estelle at 75
Zona at 33
Beverly at 51
River at 50
Kathy at 38
Deb at 44
Elsie at 73
Who are the Real Women?

Thirteen women, whose ages span eight decades, were the models for the Real Women sculptures and the subject of the accompanying poems. The women models embody the sometimes difficult, always interesting stages that women pass through as they journey through life. The pose each model chose intimately expressed her individual experience of living. It was with difficulty that  each women made a personal decision to pose.  In all cases being part of this project had an impact in their lives and for some it was life transforming.

"I came questioning the use of a body my age (a few months short of 80 years) and left feeling beautiful, spiritually renewed and looking forward to many more years of quality life."
-Betty, age 79

"To be immortalized as a teenager...I can think of nothing worse at this point in my life. Yet the question, ' Why should I do this?' never entered my head.  Not once. I did it so that when other girls my age look in the mirror every morning, they will not see what I see, they will see what you see."
-Lily, age 14

"Twenty years of disease left me believing my body was my betrayer. Despite my apprehension at posing nude I was amazed at my own acceptance of that very lumpy, bumpy body...my body-my beauty. The experience brought me to another level of healing and understanding and my desire to be a role model for health and healing."
-Beverly, age 51, breast cancer survivor

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