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Will you share your Personal Story?
In the spirit of a women's circle, we're offering a forum here for you to tell your story about how the culture and concept of beauty affected you as you were growing up. We're inviting you to write about how your size, shape and complexion impacted your life development. saminate.gif (78414 bytes)

Eventually, we hope to compile these stories into a book. Please join us in this effort and share your story. We're including a few questions to help you get started...

  • Was your self-esteem affected by your size and shape as you were growing up?
  • Has a large percentage of your time and energy been focused on physical appearance and diets?
  • Do you feel your size, shape or color has influenced your outer success and inner happiness?
  • Would you change anything about your body if you had the resources to? What would you change? Why? For whom?

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